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Why I developed sunscreens...

this way, summer, vegan, sunscreens,
Time to glow and not to damage your skin. 
The sun is out and the sun is strong. Remember to take good care of yourself in these summer months. Today you forgot sunscreen and tomorrow too and after that you do not find it essential to wear sunscreen. 
But trust me. I have done a low of research and wearing SPF can change the life of your skin. 
You will look younger, fresher, and minimise wrinkles and pigmentations. 

This was actually one of the reasons I started developing sunscreens as I find it very difficult to find a good sunscreen that does not ruin the skin. 
After trying so many greasy ones that also made my skin break out I said, "enough is enough" tere must be a way to make an effective sunscreen that takes care of your skin and not damages it. 

The result after 2 years of development are This Way four sunscreens; lips, eyes, face, and body. 
this way, summer, vegan, sunscreens,
this way, summer, vegan, sunscreens,
this way, summer, vegan, sunscreens,
Wear SPF and thank me later :)

With Love
Julie Pallesen 
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