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Destination Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv is one of my favourite cities. I love the vibe, the food, and the fact that you have the beach and city together. To me, that is quite unique. 
I grew up with my Israeli mother in Copenhagen, Denmark so I learned about the Israeli culture and food though my upbringing and she also taught me how to speak Hebrew. 
Since the age of 3 months I have visited Israel every year. It is a yearly trip that I always look forward to. 
I have family in the country side in Israel which is a proper farm family. I would ride the tractor, pick up oranges and pomegranates, and eat 40 people dinners. I enjoyed this and in the past years I discovered the scene and life in Tel Aviv which I am in love with. 
The life in Tel Aviv is outgoing and vibrant. The restaurants and bars are also open and full of people no matter what day you go. 
The yoga and sports scene is huge and there are always people working out, especially on the beach promenade. 
And dogs! OMG dogs. There are so many dogs in Tel Aviv and after doing some research I found out that Tel Aviv is the city in the world with most dogs per population. I found this quite funny. However I love dogs so that just tops the city to me. 

The weather is another thing I love about the city. From March to November the chances of warm weather (above 25 celcius degrees) are high. To me, the best months are April-June and September-October as the weather is not too hot. 
It is a perfect destination for everyone; go as a couple, family, friends and you will all have a good time. 

summer, mood, Tel Aviv, travel, this way
summer, mood, Tel Aviv, travel, this way
summer, mood, Tel Aviv, travel, this way
summer, mood, Tel Aviv, travel, this way
I hope you get a chance to visit this magical place... 

Julie Pallesen 
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