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Sunday Mood

I am spending a lot at time at home these months. March and April was 99% inside and 1% walking outside to the groceries and walking my dog. This is very challenging for a person like me who become easily restless but I have managed this... with a lot of meditation and activities at home. 

I decided to make my home a nice place to be. A place where I cook, make delicious coffee, take good care fo myself and my body. 
I wear gym clothes every day but that is because I work out and after my workout I take a shower and wear something else. I made the decision of not wearing gym clothes 24/7. But one thing I found out was most important is wearing something nice and soft. Therefore every morning I wear This Way silk robe. This is a perfect morning and late evening routine that me and my boyfriend loves :)
And on Sundays I might wear it the whole day... 
A prefect Sunday in corona life to me is waking up, putting on my This Way long silk robe, making coffee and French toast. I make my French toast with brown bread, egg, oat milk, and cinnamon and stir them in coconut oil. 
This is the perfect way for me to start my Sunday.
How about you?  
 Happy Sunday 
With Love 
Julie Pallesen and Chili 
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