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Quarantine ready for summer

The world is still and we need to make the best out of our time at home. 
It is difficult to stay inspired, motivated, and all those things that society tells up to be.
One of the things that has got my mood peaking is the lovely spring sunny weather. I sit on my balcony in the morning with my cup of black coffee and watch the trees, plants, and flowers. To me this is the most beautiful time to watch nature. I try to enjoy the small things in life like these precious moments.

Also that I can use This Way natural sunscreens makes my life more fulfilled. Using my own developed products that took me 2 years to create and see the benefit and effect of them is an incredible feeling of satisfaction.
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The sunscreens are vegan, cruelty free, and made of natural ingredients. The are produced in Spain. The tubes are made of eco certified plastic. I care about the environment and wanted my company to be sustainable too so the packaging is aligned too.
I use the sunscreens everyday now. The face sunscreen is a part of my everyday routine as I mix is with my day creme.
The lip balm is with me at all times. It is usually in my bag so I can add it on to my forever dry lips. Also, I think I just have a habit of adding lip balm every hour regardless of my lips are dry or not.

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I cannot wait to hit the beach when we are free again.

Big love to you all
Julie Pallesen
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