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Let's make a difference together

Hi Guys, I have something special to share. For the second time I am raising money for Gadens Børn NGO who helps kids on the streets in Kolkata inIndia to get access to school, provide them with water and the right nutrition, school uniforms, teachers, and more.

On our last charity for Gadens Boern we got 50 kids in school and I am beyond proud of this. Together we made this happen and I hope you will support again. 

I believe that all children should have the privilege of having access to school.The kids have made bracelets that I am selling while donating one of This Way products. With the purchase of one bracelet you provide one child one month school, books, uniform, nutrition and more.

Purchase your bracelet here.

I hope you will support and share 




Let's make a difference in the world together. 
With Love 
Julie Pallesen

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